Thursday, June 5th, 2008 by Matt Felser

Alvarez It Is

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The draft begins in 10 minutes, but multiple sources say that the Pirates have settled on Vanderbilt slugger Pedro Alvarez with their second pick.

Alvarez, who is represented by superagent Scott Boras, has caused a bit of a stir with his contract requests.  He will instantly become the highest paid player in Pittsburgh Pirates history (a distinction currently owned by Matt Morris), completely disregarding MLB’s slotting system that recommends contract size based on the number of draft pick.  Additionally, Alvarez wants a guaranteed major league contract, meaning that the Pirates will need to immediately burn one of his options to send him to the minors.

It shows that the Pirates are serious about acquiring talent and may be willing to break the bank to do so.  Alvarez may be playing in Pittsburgh as soon as next year.  The team’s commitment to picking the top player on the board, regardless of financial matters, is refreshing.  Hopefully there will be no more Daniel Moskos over Matt Wieters scenarios.  Sorry Danny, but unless you become a star, you’ll be hearing complaints from Pirate fans about that draft for the rest of your life.

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