What Sports Do They Play in Finland?

A quick guide to the sports played in Finland and where to go to watch them.

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Finnish people are very passionate about their sports, and there are many different sports that are popular in the country. The most popular sport in Finland is ice hockey, and the national team is one of the best in the world. Other popular sports include football (soccer), basketball, and skiing.

While there are many sports that are popular in Finland, some of the most popular include floorball, pesäpallo, ice hockey, and cross-country skiing.

Floorball is considered the national sport of Finland and is a type of floor hockey. It is played with a light plastic ball and two teams of six players each. The game is played on a large indoor court with smaller goals than those used in traditional hockey.

Pesäpallo is another Finnish sport that is similar to baseball. It is played with a bat and a ball on a diamond-shaped field. The object of the game is to hit the ball high into the air so that it can be caught by one of the fielders.

Ice hockey is also popular in Finland and the Finnish national team has been very successful in international competitions. Cross-country skiing is also popular, as Finland has many well-known ski resorts.

The national sport of Finland

Though there are many who would say that the national sport of Finland is ice hockey, the truth is that a number of different sports are popular in the country. Football (soccer), for example, is played by children and adults of all ages, and Finnish teams have had some success on the international stage in recent years. Other popular sports include fishing, skiing, golf, and floorball (a type of indoor hockey).

There are a few reasons why sports are so popular in Finland. First, the climate is conducive to outdoor activities year-round. Second, the Finnish people are generally very active and fit, which makes playing sports a natural part of their lifestyle. Finally, the government and schools place a high priority on physical education and youth sports programs.

As a result of all these factors, Finns have developed a strong culture of participation in sports at all levels, from amateur to professional. A wide variety of sports are popular in Finland, including football (soccer), ice hockey, basketball, skiing, athletics (track and field), and handball.

The benefits of playing sports

There are many benefits to playing sports, regardless of where you live. But in Finland, there are some particular benefits that make sports an important part of the culture.

For one thing, playing sports helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. This is especially important in a country like Finland, where the winters are long and dark and people can be tempted to stay indoors and not get enough exercise. By playing sports, people are more likely to stay active and avoid unhealthy habits like smoking or overeating.

In addition, playing sports can help to build character. It teaches teamwork and cooperation, and it helps people to set goals and work towards them. Sports can also teach people how to handle victory and defeat gracefully. These are all important life skills that can be useful both in Finland and elsewhere.

Finally, playing sports is just plain fun. It’s a great way to socialize and meet new people. And it’s a great way to stay fit and active. So if you’re ever feeling down or stressed out, getting out on the ice or the snow for a game of hockey or skiing can really brighten your day.

The importance of sports in Finland

Sports play an important role in Finnish society. They are a significant part of the country’s culture and are a source of national pride. The most popular sports in Finland are ice hockey, football (soccer), Formula One racing, and skiing.

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Finland. It is played at all levels, from amateur to professional. The Finnish national team is one of the strongest in the world and has won several World Championships and Olympic medals.

Football (soccer) is also popular in Finland. The national team has qualified for the FIFA World Cup twice, in 1982 and 1994. In recent years, Finnish football clubs have been successful in European competitions, with HJK Helsinki winning the UEFA Champions League in 1998 and IFK Mariehamn winning the UEFA Europa League in 2017.

Formula One racing is another popular sport in Finland. The country has produced two world champions: Kimi Räikkönen (2007, 2018) and Mika Häkkinen (1998, 1999). Finns have also been successful in other forms of motorsport, such as rallying and motocross.

Skiing is a popular recreational activity in Finland. Cross-country skiing and snowboarding are especially popular, but alpine skiing is also practiced. Many Finnish ski resorts offer excellent facilities for both beginners and experienced skiers.

The history of sports in Finland

Since the early 20th century, Finnish sports have been influenced by the country’s history, as well as its climate and geography. From a small, rural population, Finland has grown to become a global leader in many different sports.

Some of the most popular sports in Finland include ice hockey, football (soccer), cross-country skiing, and Formula One racing. Finland has also produced many world-class athletes in other sports such as basketball, track and field, and golf.

Hockey is by far the most popular sport in Finland, with the sport being played at all levels of competition. The Finnish national team is one of the most successful in the world, having won multiple World Championships and Olympic medals.

Football (soccer) is also popular in Finland, with the Finnish national team competing in UEFA competitions. The top level of club football in Finland is the Veikkausliiga, which consists of 12 teams.

Cross-country skiing is another popular sport in Finland, with the country boasting some of the best facilities in the world. Finland has hosted the FIS Cross-Country World Cup multiple times, as well as hosting several World Championships.

Formula One racing is also popular in Finland, with the Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen being one of the most successful drivers in recent years. Raikkonen started his career with the Sauber team before moving to McLaren and then Ferrari, where he won the 2007 Formula One World Championship.

The future of sports in Finland

Finland is a small country with a big reputation when it comes to sports. In recent years, the Finnish sporting scene has been dominated by winter sports such as ice hockey and snowboarding, but there is also a growing interest in summer sports such as football and basketball.

The future of sports in Finland looks bright, with many young people taking up sport at an early age. The government is investing heavily in grassroots sport, and there are plenty of opportunities for talented athletes to progress to elite level.

There are many different sports played in Finland, including:
– Ice hockey
– Snowboarding
– Football
– Basketball
– Baseball
– Tennis

The impact of sports on Finnish culture

Finnish culture is unique in many ways, and one of the most significant is the importance of sport. From a young age, children in Finland are encouraged to participate in sports, and this continues throughout their lives.

For many Finnish people, sport is not just a way to stay fit and active, but also a way to socialize and connect with others. In fact, some of the most popular sports in Finland are team sports such as hockey and football.

Sports play an important role in Finnish culture, and the impact of sports on Finnish society is evident in many aspects of life. For example, sporting events are often used as a way to bring people together, whether it be for competition or simply to watch and enjoy. In addition, sports play a significant role in the economy of Finland, with many professional athletes coming from the country.

So if you’re ever visiting Finland, be sure to check out some of the local sporting events! And who knows, maybe you’ll even get inspired to pick up a new sport yourself!


While the most popular sport in Finland is pesäpallo, there are a number of other sports that are also popular, including ice hockey, soccer, and cross-country skiing. If you’re looking for a country with a wide range of sports to choose from, Finland is a great option.

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